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Jackson Parish
Directed by Edward McDonald

Directed by Edward McDonald
coming soon….

The Race
Directed by Thomas Kim
Produced by Edward McDonald

Tomorrow [trailer]
Directed and produced by Edward McDonald

Hujan Panas (Afternoon Rain) [trailer]
Directed by Nadiah Hamzah
Produced by Edward McDonald

Now Here [trailer]
Directed by Joey Kuhn
Produced by Edward McDonald & Jacob Robinson

Narrative Short (2010), Dark Comedy/Cult
11 min | Color | Super 16 | NTSC 1.85:1
Disenfranchised sex shop employee Vee finds an unlikely mentor in Natalia, a realistic sex doll who arrives at the store.

Written & Directed by Pamela Romanowsky (
Produced by Edward McDonald & Pamela Romanowsky
Director of Photography: Peter O’Leary
Edited by: Perry Blackshear

Coming soon:

Crazy Glue – directed by Elizabeth Orne

Nasceu Maria – directed by Elena Greenlee

Poses – directed  by Yvonne Shirley

Thinly Veiled  – Joey Kuhn

Live Girls – Gravity

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