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Somebody to Love

Somebody to Love follows Chuck Banks, a soul singer surviving off the fame of his late father and a hit he wrote years ago. Now living on a dream, Chuck and his all black band tour the county fair circuit in Upstate New York just to put food on the table. After one too many miles, and one too many fights with his band-mate and girlfriend Janelle, he finds himself in a familiar town where an old flame seems to offer the possibility of giving up the road and settling down. Faced with a choice, Chuck struggles to find the love he thinks he wants but ultimately realizes that family is closer than he thought.

More Than A Village

More Than a Village will take an eye-opening look at two men’s journey as they attempt to procreate in the 21st century. The couple has already been turned down by other surrogacy agencies because of their sexual orientation—but their determination is steadfast. I plan to document their unique process of procreation from start to finish, capturing the egg harvesting, in vitro fertilization, pregnancy, complications, birth of the children, and everything in between.

More than a Village – Treatment

Ian and Troy



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